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Real-time Tracking and Delivery Management
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sistema de gestão de entregassistema de gestão de entregassistema de gestão de entregas



The delivery management system with more features available. Discover the main ones:


funcionalidades dlieve gestão de entregas

  • chat com motorista

    Chat with the driver

    Make it easy to communicate with the team. Talk to the driver on an easy and practical way.

  • visibilidade em tempo real

    Real time visibility

    Real time tracking of each delivery or pick-up and driver’s location.

  • assinatura digital

    Proof of Delivery

    Register the proof of delivery through a digital signature, with more safety and less bureaucracy.

  • controle de jornada

    Control of working hours

    Get to know the exact time each employee started and finished working. Use this information to update your payroll, as it’s 100% in accordance with labor legislation.

  • controle de reagendamento

    Rescheduling control

    Allow your customer to reschedule the delivery date in case he/she is not at home on the estimated time of delivery.

  • leitura do código de barras

    Barcode reader

    Read labels and QR codes to ensure correct loadings and deliveries to the right client.

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